Colorful Quenchers

You can drink your way through the rainbow! How is that for inspiration? A friend and I were walking past the new Rocket Fizz Soda Pop & Candy Shop in Columbus, Ohio, and we were drawn into the store by the sunlight hitting the colorful soda bottles lining the wall. Bacon soda? Check. Cucumber flavor? Check. Maple? No problem. But they can’t claim to have every soda because this Brooklynite noticed a serious omission in their mouth-watering, colorful collection: Manhattan Special Pure Espresso Coffee Soda. Guaranteed to keep you going to meet any project deadline, and made in Williamsburg since 1895. (Shameless Brooklyn plug, I know. Couldn’t resist. It’s delicious. Try it sometime!)

2 thoughts on “Colorful Quenchers

  1. What a charming post. Simple beauty!
    The labels are wonderful to look at, too. I’m hankering for a Haribo fizzy blackcurrant and cherry candy sody pop. I doubt such a thing exists, but a craving’s a craving and a grrrl’s got to have her candy and drink it, too.


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