Playful Patterns

IMG_0149I love patterns, but sometimes I just want to look at them and not wear them. A terrific solution is to have your patterns — and use them too! A friend gave me several Scandinavian dish cloths and I was immediately smitten. They are stiff when they are dry, so they make super coasters. I even use them as surfaces to place newly washed dishes to dry. My most brilliant use of them has been to place them in my lettuce container to absorb moisture and keep the leaves crisp! When they are wet, they make a soft dish cloth or thin sponge. These little beauties are machine washable, and they are a perfect replacement for wasteful paper towels. Mainly made of cellulose, they will last about a year and a half before they start breaking down. Marimekko makes some especially wonderful designs. They are eco-friendly and are well worth the splurge. I smile every single time I use these delightful patterns — and I use them a lot!

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