Color Me IKEA

I had to go to IKEA today. It was midday and not terribly crowded. I made a beeline for the frames — they were the reason I was in the cavernous space in the first place. I kept my blinders on. IKEA can be overwhelming on a bad day, and completely alluring on a good one. I had no time to waste. A bin of bright pillows caught my eye, however, and I stopped for a quick photo. Interestingly, I had admired a similar combo of colors the other day on the subway — this time on a woman’s bold floral-printed skirt. The skirt had a white background, and the large flowers were forest green, dark red, greenish gold and medium blue — with black accents. She was wearing a greenish gold sweater, which really set the colors off. I wondered if this palette is “in” this season, so of course I checked the Pantone website. Voilà! Not only are simpatico versions of the colors in the Spring 2016 Fashion Forecast, but an even more closely matched palette appears for Fall 2016. Coincidence? What do you think?

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