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Ironing Leaves

I recently spent an evening ironing leaves. It was raining, and I needed to continue designing scarves for the PSWT Open Studio Weekend coming up November 12 & 13. The leaves I had on hand, despite being pressed, were crinkling up. Problem solved. Not a glamorous way to spend an evening,  but there is nothing like the smell of a freshly ironed leaf! (You laugh? Try it!) Ironing has a bad rap (ask Edna Turnblad, who was always ironing, endlessly ironing) but sometimes chores like these are actually fun disguised as work. Take my intense studio days: I can moan about all the work I have to do, or I can enjoy the gorgeous colors, the softness of the silk, and the surprise of a “mistake” turning into something beautiful and unexpected. It’s all in how I frame it. It’s also about being present.

Do any of you have clever ways of reframing tasks that seem at first glance to be drudgery? Do share! We can inspire each other!

4 thoughts on “Ironing Leaves

  1. What no presscloth? That was part of my home ec skills and a lifetime of home sewing since a pre-teen. Don’t know that I could locate mine—it was very silky—if I had to use it. My iron barely gets used nowadays anyway!

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    1. Yikes! Maybe I should have followed my own advice: I advise my scarf customers to use a thin cloth to press their scarves. Perhaps that’s why I had the delightful but perhaps potentially dangerous aroma of about-to-burn leaves? Don’t do this, people! Use a press-cloth! Just sayin’!

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    1. Perhaps you can not only try reframing, but also try to use all your senses and turn the work into a meditation. If it is paperwork, pretend you are just “playing office,” as if it were a fun game. Feel the smooth paper, the satisfying clatter of the keyboard, the smell of the tea you might be sipping, or the lovely view out the window. Sometimes, just getting started is the most challenging part. Be sure to reward yourself for even the smallest dent you make in your mountain — the reward can be as small as a walk around the block or a yoga stretch. And speaking of that mountain, perhaps reframe your words — make the journey to completion more like a series of gentle hills you crest one at a time. Good luck!


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