The multi-talented artist, Judith Eloise Hooper, graciously offered me space in her Park Slope Studio so that I could participate in the PSWT Artists Open Studio Tour this weekend. Details are in her blog post. Please come by and say hello! You can learn more about her and her artwork here:

Judith Eloise Hooper Designs


Okay everyone so now we are just days away from the Park Slope/Windsor Terrace Open Studio Tour and aside from wanting to share with you my new paper collages there is my ceramic work both the sculptural pieces and functional work.

I thought you would like to see a few images of what you will see when you take the tour and stop by.


Victoria has been working away for months  getting ready for our studio tour making a diverse selection of beautiful hand dyed silk so there is the unavoidable possibility of something to give as a gift to yourself or another.

For those bleak winter days coming up silk is soft and warm and wonderful against the skin and she has found so many wonderful ways to create diverse and interesting patterns in a wide range of colors.

Now that you are all dressed up you or some…

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