VictoriaBDesignShop on Etsy silk wedding Chuppah hand-painted hand-dyed hand-printed eco-print

A Wedding to Dye For!

This spring I was commissioned to create a silk canopy for a wedding Chuppah. It was an expensive endeavor, involving over 35 hour of labor. Luckily, I was given plenty of time to complete it. The finished piece was hand-dyed and hand-printed with ferns. It was the size of a queen-sized bedspread, and the edges were all hand-rolled. I also sewed four long ties, dyed and printed as well, to attach the canopy to the Chuppah frame. The bride’s florist took it from there.

The process began with the bride looking at scarves on my Etsy shop and picking one she liked. She knew full well that my process is entirely organic: the prints depend on what plants are in season at the time. The dye colors are wild-cards: the exact shades of colors vary each time. No two purples are ever exactly alike, and the layering process creates unexpected yet wonderful results. That is what makes my pieces one-of-a-kind. I can never dye the same style twice. Matching exact colors/prints is impossible. Creating a beautiful heirloom is guaranteed. A spirit of discovery is a must!

The wedding was in June. It was a rainy day, so the Chuppah had to be placed under a waterproof canopy. Feedback I received? The bride’s mother said it was “sensational”, “spectacular “, and “everyone commented on the silk.” The rabbi said it was one of the most beautiful Chuppahs he had ever seen. A guest said people kept coming up to look at the silk more closely. The wonderful thing about it is that now that it has finished its role as the Chuppah canopy, the silk can be worn as a shawl, a sarong, a bed covering or even as a curtain or valence. The sky is the limit! It is beautiful and useful, and it was truly an honor to create it.

To the happy couple? Mazel tov!

If you would like to discuss your own commission of a one-of-a-kind printed, painted or dyed silk creation, visit me at VictoriaBDesignShop on Etsy and contact me there!

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